I've added two new projects: Half the Sky Movement and Kiva Loans.

Half the Sky Movement is a Facebook game that both educates users to the challenges face by women around the world, as well as enables them to help by both playing and donating to charitable organizations.  Items can also be purchased in game, and all that money is also distributed among the organizations, as well as the games upkeep.

Kiva Loans are a revolutionary way to enable microfinance for third world entrepreneurs, such as farmers and tailors, and those in need of money.  By loaning a multiple of $25, you help a real person rise above poverty and stand on their own two feet.  If all goes well, you'll get your $25 back, which you can either take back, invest in another loan, or donate to Kiva.

Looking forward to even more projects!
Alec Delaney

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