Hey everyone!  Just making a quick blog post to let you know we've got a new project handpicked by Esther, the new Project Manager.  The project is Cell Phones for Soldiers, and it's a program run by the organization of the same name, and it recycles gently-used cell phones for money, which it uses to purchase calling cards for soldiers stationed abroad.  This helps the soldiers keep in touch with their loved ones, which might otherwise be expensive.  You can read more about the project and its success by visiting their About the Program webpage.

I'm very thankful to Esther, and I'm happy to see that she has already made a wonderful contribution.  Together, we look forward to bringing more projects to help you be the change you want to make!  In the meantime, browse around our existing projects and get started with one that sticks out to you.

Alec Delaney

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