Thanks to the power of Yahoo Query Language, I've been able to set up a way for the site to automatically display and update how much money my Relay for Life team has raised.  I've also set up the Rice-a-Thon page to display how much rice my new HuskyObjective team has earned.  Also consider joining the group so you can add to the total!

Take care!
It took some time, but I've changed the layout of the website to a chiller and more appropriate theme.  
Hey everyone!  Just some quick news about the site!  You can easily keep following this blog and site by downloading the Android App I've created.  You can find instructions on how to install the app on the new Goodies page on made.

Catch you later,
Alec Delaney
I recently added a new project called Rice-A-Thon, which focuses on fixing world hunger.  You can find more information on the project page.  Check it out!

I've been talking to various restaurants and bars around the Northeastern campus about giving my Relay for Life team empty cans and bottles to recycle for money, but all of them seem to have contracts with the different bottling companies.  On the bright side, I did get some very helpful information about doing other fundraisers with these businesses, and I'm actively pursuing them before the Relay event.  There will be another post about that soon, once everything is set up.

There's also a few things in development, but it's not important right now.  The only change worth noting is that the sidebar is now disabled on the mobile version.  This will allow for better page viewing.

Have a good one!
Alec Delaney
Hey everyone!  I'm actually still in development, but this blog post will be an introduction of sorts, what the About page doesn't mention.

This whole website actually came as a result of a website I made for my Relay for Life team.  This made me think about making my own website, where I could also showcase this effort of mine, along with the Donors by December project, something I've always wanted to do.

That's when I realized that I could start a blog and project site on different charity projects and things of that sort.  Now those close to me can read my blog about some of my daily life, but then everyone can follow, join, and promote these projects.

I look forward to the great possibilities of this site, and hope you'll stay on the journey with me!

Excited and eager,
Alec Delaney